Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AdSense Clicks But No Money

Ever checked your stats, and seen that you had clicks but no revenue was generated? There are a couple of reasons why this may have happened.

Configuration of allowed sites

The Allowed Sites feature allows you to specify a list of sites where your ads can be displayed. If you use this feature, you must ensure that you have entered all the places you want to display your AdSense code.

To check whether this is the case, log into your account and visit the "Allowed Sites" page to your AdSense Setup tab. If the "Allow any site to show ads for my account is complete, you are not affected by this problem, and this isn't the case. However, if "Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account 'is populated, the revision of the list of sites in the box below - are all the sites you own listed in this box? If the answer is' no ', you do not get credit for clicks on sites not listed. Please make sure you add all the sites where you want to display your AdSense code.

Invalid clicks

The Google AdSense program monitors clicks for suspicious activity, such as artificial clicks generated by bots as well as click fraud. Often times, programs which advertise sending large volumes of traffic to your site will instead use bots that will look like visitors in your traffic logs. These bots will click around your site, including your AdSense links, to make it look like you're getting good quality traffic. It doesn't take much to lose your AdSense account, so I would encourage steering clear of any program that promises traffic. Write good content, and the visitors will come. Targeted organic traffic, traffic that has come naturally to your site interested in whatever topic your site is about, is more likely to click an ad than a visitor that got there by misdirection.

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